13th Asian-Australasian Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology 2018
07 - 09 March 2018
The Magellan Sutera Hotel & Convention Centre, Kota Kinabalu Sabah, Malaysia

About AAFITN and Council

The Asian-Australasian Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology (AAFITN) was founded in 1994 to promote the practice and knowledge of interventional and therapeutic neuroradiology in the Asian-Australasian region via the organization’s regional meetings. Our society holds scientific conferences every two years, with the world federation meetings happening in between. A main element of the field is neuroendovascular therapy, which is currently experiencing rapid progress with the development of techniques and devices. Our membership has also grown over the years, with a current headcount of over 400. The society’s Executive Committee is working towards making the society membership process more convenient as well as beneficial to its existing and potential members. The work that is given attention to includes improving the society’s official home page, establishing the society constitution, development of educational programs and maintaining stable working funds.

Under the capable leadership of our past presidents, the following scientific congresses were successfully organised by:-

Ling Feng 1994 & 1996 – Beijing, China
Akira Takahashi 2000 – Sendai, Japan
Dong I. Kim 2001 – Seoul, Korea
John Ching-Kwong Kwok 2002 – Hong Kong
Suthisak Suthipongchai 2004 – Bangkok, Thailand
Anil P. Karapurkar 2006 – Goa, India
Michael Mu Huo Teng 2008 – Taipei, Taiwan
Winston Chong 2010 – Melbourne, Australia
Shigeru Miyachi 2012 – Nagoya, Japan
Pham Minh Thong 2014 – Danang, Vietnam
Prijo Sidipratomo 2016 – Bali, Indonesia
We look forward to our upcoming congress under
Jeyaledchumy Mahadevan 2018 – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
AAFITN Council 2016 - 2018


: Shigeru Miyachi (Japan)

Vice President

: Jeyaledchumy Mahadevan (Malaysia)

Immediate Past President

: Suh Dae-Chul (Korea)

General Secretary

: Anchalee Churojana (Thailand)


: Zhang Hong Qi (China)
Country Members


: Winston Chong


: Ling Feng

Hong Kong

: George KC Wong


: Prijo Sidipratomo


: Uday Limaye


: Shakir Husain Hakim


: Josephine Subramaniam


: Umair Rashid Chaudhry


: Winston Lim


: Luo Chao Bao


: Michael Teng Mu-Huo


: Pham Minh Thong


: Cuong Tran Chi